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Design Walls by Cheryl Ann

Are you tired of spreading your quilt blocks out on your bed or crawling around on the floor trying to place them? Have you ever considered having a better way to see your fabrics together before cutting or arranging quilt blocks before sewing? Does your flannel backed tablecloth seem inadequate? Do you have serious space limitations? Is the adherence quality of your design wall poor? For anyone that does not have a dedicated design wall in their studio or sewing room, Cheryl Ann's Design Wall is a portable, collapsible, free standing design wall that solves these problems in a most convenient way.

The Product

A design wall is an almost indispensable quilter's tool, but they are not created equally. Cheryl Ann's Design Wall comes to you in a small tote bag measuring about 5x5 x 22 inches and weighing less than 7 pounds. It is easily assembled in just a few minutes to provide a giant 72x72 inch flannel surface that is stretched tight on a stable frame. The flannel is a high quality, 100% cotton, preshrunk flannel that has been measured and sewn to fit the frame. Because it is stretched tight and standing at an angle, adherence is marvelous and pinning is never necessary. A design wall like this will help you create wonderful projects and sharpen your quilting skills. When you are finished, just fold it up and put it away. The smaller sizes are great for  those with very limited space, or if you just need extra design wall space.

Our customers rave about having their own design wall space at classes, retreats, guild meetings, block parties, etc. where design wall space is usually very limited or inconvenient. Teachers love them for demonstration purposes.


72” X 72” measured and preshrunk 100% cotton flannel with no seams or obstructions.

Fully portable – collapses down to 5x5x22 inches and weighs less than 3.5kg

Easily assembled or stored in the tote bag in just minutes.
Convenient - requires only 18x72 inches of floor space.

Comes in two colors - Lyn's is stocking the White Flannel
Gray available on request.

Lyns Pricing
Large (72x72 inches) -A $329.00 plus shipping and handling

Large 72 x 72 inch white will be a stocked line
others available about 2 weeks from order



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