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Patchwork Fabric News

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We have stocked this range of approx 160 fabrics from MAYWOOD for sme time but have justr added it to our web pages. These slightly mottled fabrics cover a wide range of colours in the spectrum and give quilters an opportunity to fins a plainish fabric that fits asthetically into their quilting project.  The fabrics in the range are on going and are almost always in stock or we can obtain quickly.  A great range of blenders.



We are stocking the pink colourway of this fabric range which constsists of an EMMA PANEL - Life Is Better in a TUTU and all the fabrics necessary to make the quilt in the FREE PATTERN download which has a link on the web page . I panel and 5 fabris at $28.60 per metre. Due the confusion that was around en March due to COVID 19 this fabric has not been previously listed on our pages.


    A small selection of fabrics from DEVONSTONE featuribf Australian Gum Teee Blossoms and wattles. Three of the fabrics have 2 colourways on the same fabric with different colours on each half of the fabric . $28.50 per metre



A selection of 6 patchwork fabrics featuring Australian Gum Tree Blossoms and wildflowers at $28.50 per metre


WILD LIFE ART COLLECTION   a collection of 3 panels featuring iconic Australian Wildlife images suitablke for pillows or quilt blocks. Also 3 co-oedinating fabrics featuring 2 colourways on the same fabric. The fabrics have a different coloured background on each side of the fabric width.  the panels are approx 40cm wide and exch contains 3 animal (square) images and are priced at $12.00 each. The co-ordinates are priced at $28.50 per mettre.



A beautiful range of 26 fabrics from Riley Blake featuring a panel and a border fabric, the border fabric in particular would look wonderful in a dress for yoyr favouraite daughter , grand daughter or niece,  The the fabic features small florals , some images of Abbie and a great selection of coo-dinating fabrics in Aqua, grey, offwhite , raspberry , charcoal, black and pink in mainly pastel tones.   A great range at $27.95 per metre which is very competitive in todays environment ,


  1. TROPICAL ZOO from Devonstone Fabrics
    A great range fabrics featuring panels of GIRAFFE, PANDA and SLOTH each with co-ordinating, Suitable for making a single or multi theme quilt. Alos suitable for wall hangings - pillows etc All panels $17.10 and fabrics $28.50 . Well printed in great colours suitable for most bedroom decors



A selection of 16 fabrics from Riley Blake - Graduated in colours . Great in thier own right as a collection but also great for coordinates in your quilt projects where you need bright colours . Availanle now at $25.65 per metre



20 digitally printed fabrics fron Jason Yenter and In The Beginning Fabrics. These fabrics feature iconic Australian animals and images including Kangaroo, Koala, Emu, Boomerang and wildflowers. the colours are vibrant in typical Json Yenter style. ,

Dont missout order early .



 A great now range of Australiana  fabric featuring iconic Australian animals  KOALA - KANGAROO - ECHIDNA- PLATAPUS  - WOMBAT & the KOOKABURRA .  printed in pastel pinks and aqua they are great fabric for cot quilts, pillows and quilts and as a teaching aid to teach our chgildren about our native forna.  



3 panels and 8 co-ordinates .

A fabric range by Jason Yenter and IN THE BEGINNING FABRICS consisting of 2 panels , a border print and 14 coordinating fabrics at $26.95 per metre. A quilt pattern using the panels is $12.00 and a quilt kit for the large panel quilt is $249.00. A great design for young people interestd in the unvierse and stars.

A small range of 12 fabrics from IN THE BEGINNING at $26.99 per metre. The 12 fabrics include a border fabric and feature pastel florals with small splashes of lemom nad violet. There are 2 quilt patterns available at $12.00 each designed specially for this fabric . Quilt kits also available on request for both quilts.



A small range of 8 digitally printed fabrics from IN THE BEGINNING FABRICS -  A beautiful 90cm panel featuring 9 different animals in squared framed panels. 7 co-rdinating fabrics in soft pinks lemons and green. The fabric is $26.99 per metre and comes with a pattern designed especially for the fabric at $12.00 . OUR FABRIC KIT for Quilt Front and binding is $184.75 which includes the patern . The quilt size is 50.5 inch x 73.5 inch



The new 25 fabric range from TULA PINK . This renage at $29.99 per metre features a variety of ewing room items and notions in a colour range which mixes well with many fabrics from her most recent ranges. Full range fat quarter and fat 1/8th bundlkes are available for a limited time.



The latest collection is now in store and initial demand is very strong . it is being used in 2 block of the month programs due to start shortly.

The designs are delicate based on floral designand themes and feature subtle pastel tones. the impact of using this fabric in several quilt designs is stunning. Price is $30.70 per metre.

The Tildas World web site haseveral frre patterns available to sue this fabric range.


BATIK FABRICS 11 more batik fabrics to our web page numbers BD0156 to BD0161 . These new fabriucs are slihtly cheaper than earlier fabrics with some of the desings being multi-coloured There are probably 50 more in the shop that dont appear on this page , Batik fabrics  remain very popular at present particularly due to the more complex designs and improved quality of fabrics. Unfortunately these small graphic images are not aleways capable of showing the full complexiy of the deign nor the full colour range incorportaed in individual fabrics. The designs have evolved very significvantly over the last few years to now rival the complexity of screen printerd fabric designs.

.The new fabrics are $24.10 per metre while there are many more at lower prices.



An additional 10 medium do fabrics from Riley Blake have been added to our page bring the total to 60 different colour combination sof spots.   $23.50 per metre with single fat quarters at $6.50 each and special 10 fat quarter BUNDERS at $38 or $3.80 per fat quarter.



We continue with our practice of adding new fabrics from this collective to our range. We have 10 additional fabrics these additions complement the fabrics we already have in stock this giving you the customer a wide selection of fabrics within your slected colour preference. The new fabrics is priced at $29.99 per metre and are numbered KF2229 up at the bottom of our page, Many of the earlier fabrics are available at lower prices  which are shown on the web page under each fabric image.  We regret the price increases but we are simplypassing on the increases in wholesale prices. We still  have about 120 fabrics available on the bolt and many more in fat quarter only. If you are looking for a fabric that we do not stock provided you want a few metres of that fabric we will attempt to purchase for you.   If that is you then give me a ring on  02 9686 2325 and we will see what is possible.

DRAGON by Jason Yenter

 A small range of 2 panels , a border print and 4 co-ordinting fabrics ideal childrens quilts . An excellent pattern available at $12.00


COUNTY CLARE by Karen Styles

The current resurgence of handwork, "slow-stitching" and detailed techniques bring a fresh interest in the art of 
Broderie Perse, French for 'Persian embroidery'. This style of appliqué employs fussy-cut printed elements stitched to a background cloth to create a custom look. It was most popular in Europe in the 17th century. And there's no one better than Karen Styles to create a collection of printed motifs perfect for quilters to enhance their own Broderie Perse projects. In creating County Clare, Karen was inspired by the extraordinary appliqued quilts of Irish and English women of the 17th and 18th centuries. Her main panel (printed digitally) features beautiful bird and flower motifs typical of broderie perse, mirror-imaged to create movement. Karen's wide stripe and other companion prints to complete the look, from antique style quilts and home furnishings to artful clothing and accessories.

A magnificnt 43inch x 43 inch panel consiseting of 25 blocks each 8.5 inches square @ $25.30 and 17 coordinating fabrics at $28.99 per metre.


A new fabric range from Jason Yenter and IN THE BEGINNING . The 3rd range in this series featuring a range of small floral designs in a spectrun of dark colours which contrats to the earlier Garden Delights I & 11 which featured light to medium density colours, If you still have any of the earlier fabrics they will generally blend weel together or if youy want more of the earlier ranges we still have limited stocks available for youer project. Priced at $24.98 per metrre this very reasonable in todays climate. APattern book is available on request.


GARDEN OF DREAMS by Jason Yenter

33 digitally printed fabrics at $24.95 per metre. a NEW PATTERN BOOK BY JASON ENTER @,$28.00 the kaleidoscope quilt pattern at $12.00 plus a fabric kit for the front of tHe quilt at $219.00.

These new fabrics by jason Yenter are amongt the best produced , colouyred and feeling fabrics that we have seen over the last 20 years.  Come into ten sho an dlook for yourself and you will not be disappointed. They are magnificent.


  1. A small collection of 12 patchwork fabrics from ANNA GRIFFIN featuring small loral arrangements on pastel backgrounds of aqua, Green, Pin, Lavendeer and Blue with machng co-ordinating fabrics. $25.10 PER METRE. Fat quarters and fat quarter bundles avaiable at discounted prices for bundles of 5 and 10 quaerters.



New fabric from Riley Blake now in stock. 3 quilt pnels approx 1 metre wide , cloth Book Panel and 8 coordinating fabrics to make a quilt etc



A small range of a panel and 8 coordinating fabrics digitially in soft multi colours reflecting sky and nature.  Panel $25.30 and fabric $25.30 per metre,




Recently added several new panels  including WATER WISH , RACOON ,MY FIRST BOOK OF SHAPES AND DEXTER THE DINOSAUR -  We have an additional 10 panels on order which will arrrive over the coming months so keep your eyes pealed.


21 new fabrics just received March 20 2019 - $27.75 per metre - Fat quarters and bundles available .

We now offer to fabric kits for free downlaod patterns - see the web apge for details

Tula Pink sats about this range ehe designed.

Pinkerville is a state of mind. When I design fabric, I retreat into an imaginary world of my own creation. I call that place Pinkerville. In this collection I am inviting you to join me on a journey through my own delusion! This is a place where all things are possible. Each piece in this collection is named after an attribute that is required for entrance. The Swan is your tour guide to Pinkerville as she holds the keys to the kingdom, so her print is named “Gate Keeper.” The Unicorn print is titled “Imaginarium” because this place requires a devotion to the imagined, a willingness to invent and accept things that may or may not be real. A pattern of marbled water conceals a lovable lake monster (among other things!) in a print called Blind Faith because it is a magical thing to believe in something so hard that you can turn innocuous things like shadows into evidence of the fantastic! A but­terfly conceals the face of an owl in a print titled “Enlightenment” as she is the watcher, the all-seeing eyes of Pinkerville. A delicate weaving of lace flowers makes up the print titled “Delight,” a healthy appreciation for beauty is always welcome here. A print of overlapping fans named “Serenity” reminds you to be calm and relaxed here, take it all in, there is plen­ty of time. Worry and anxiety are never welcome in Pinkerville. Finally, there is Fairy Dust that adds just a sprinkle of rainbow magic to tie it all together! Welcome to my world, the space between my ears, the water is warm so shed the heavy baggage of reality and dip a toe into Pinkerville!


18 digitally printed fabrics designed by Jason Yenter for IN THE BEGINNING FABRICS.The fabrics feature aquatic scenses aquatic life and comes in 2 colourways.  Border fabrics are included in the range at $25.10 per metre.   Thsi range has many applications


A magnificient range of 29 fabrics designed by Jason Yenter ad digitally printed ona beautiful 100% cotton patchwork fabric. For those of yo who like to feel the fbric this one is a must and oi amsure you will buy mat first feel. The digital printing gives each design a very clean and shrp image. the colours used are deep and rich and the colour variations across the loom on some of the fabrics are hard to describe but will yield great results bin your quilting. The 29 fabrics are available at $25.50 which is cheap by todays standards.  The pattern Book MYSTICAL QUILTS makes good use of this fabric range.



A range of 28 fabrics at $27.75 per metre and 2 x 60cm wide panels at $16.95 each

This range desigend by Marcia Derse evolved from hand dyed and stamped  designs . This richly hughed collection  gives you all the vaiation you require to make interesting and beautiful quilts.  The digitally printed panels feature hand drawn and hand sketched moitfs overlayed with collage.



18 MReproduction fabrics from Free Spirit fabrics inspired by the wporks of WILLIAM MORRIS . The selection included 3 border fabrics .A  priced at $270.75 per metre. fat quartes and fat quarter bundles available.



New range of patchwork fabrics following on from the successful earlier GARDEN DELIGHT.  This range is 40 fabrics prices at $23.95 per metre and  new pattern book has been published for $26.00 which imncludes 6 quilt projects featuring this new range.   If you have the book ask us for a price for a Quilt fabric Kit. . This range blends nivcely with any of the previous range which you may have left




New patchwork range from Northcott fabric, This range included A panel showing the planets and 10 co-ordinating fabrics ideas for childrens quilts and wall hangimngs.  A FREE dowmload pattern and 2 other poatterns are also available and featured on our page.  524.25 PER METR, Panel $14.60 . Fat Quarters $6.50


This Range has 20 reproduction fabrics designed by Delores Amith for Marcus Fabrics proicewd at $27.50 per metre.
Dolores Smith brings together neutrals with muted tones of brick red and dusty blue as a nod to generations past, in the style of "your great aunts and grandparents." Yet, her colors and motifs are equally "at home" in contemporary settings -- think of Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and Benjamin Moore's top-selling paint color, "Revere Pewter."     A FREE PATTERN downlaod is available when you purchase fabrics from this range




A digitally printed quilt and book panel. These digitally printed panle area  much sharper print than the normal screen printed fabrics with a print clarity more like those printed on paper.  We also have a normal screen printed border fabric to use for makeiung aquilt with neither panel,

The panels $35.15 each and the border fabric $24.70 per metre



Thomas & Friends are on the go! Fun colors and cheerful prints are perfect for your favorite little Thomas friend. The latest rangeb of fabrics in this popular series of farrics featuring Thomas and his friends.  A 60cm panel $16.15 and 9 fabrics at $26.85 to make youyr ideal boys quilt.



The range SOFT RESPONSE is designed by Shell Rummel for Coats Fabrics. There are 15 fabrics in charcoal, grey and clove colours. $27.90 per metre.  These fabrics will look good in quilts and home decor.


Designer Shell Rummel has been a successful and established presence in the fine art, wedding and stationery markets for nearly 20 years. Passionate about designing beautiful products that honor her distinctive design aesthetic, Shell’s focus is on building the Shell Rummel brand’s presence within home decor markets which includes working with world class licensing partners in bedding, bath textiles, rugs, tabletop, accessories and fabric by the yard.

The hallmarks of the brand are tranquil, sophisticated and gracefully fluid art and design, unified by her signature painterly style. Watercolors are the preferred medium for this award-winning artist, and the unpredictability of painting with water often results in surprising variations and subtle imperfections, which make Shell’s patterns so beautifully unique. There is an inherently organic, natural quality as well as a softly refined feel to Shell’s designs. Her livable collections are both comfortable and contemporary at the same time.

Ever inspired by the fluid grace of nature, Soft Repose pays homage to subtle patterning and graceful lines. It’s a livable collection of soft, graceful, organic designs and its quiet palette features a full range of tonal grays, enhanced by the unique translucence of hand painted watercolors.




a 36 INCH - 90CM PATCHWORK PANEL - suitable for a quilt top or wall hanging . $20.80 +p&h



A collection of 12 fabrics designed by Tim Holtz for Coats fabrics, Tim is a well know designer of scarpbooking paper and has recently turned to designing patchwork fabrics. The fabric’s feature a nostalgic mix of media from the past including the industrial look of antique letter press; old luggage labels evoking the golden age of travel; sepia toned newsprint, handwritten journal entries and passport pages; old wall parer, music scores and more.  $25.85 per metre,.   


Under this heading we have Christmas, Animlals, Fruit and Veg., Sky, Water, Bricks etc.. This month we have added 2 more brick wall fabrics to our collection.  If you are looking for something special you may find it under this heading.


All our fat quarters are METRIC size.
That is 50cm ( approx 19¾ ") x  half the fabric width - approx 55cm .

Jeanette -August 15 2020

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