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Patchwork Fabric News

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The Rainbow Fish Fabric is inspired by the book Rainbow Fish by arcus Pfister. The Rainbow Fish is an award-winning book about a beautiful fish who finds friendship and happiness when he learns to share. The book is best known for its morals about the value of being an individual and for the distinctive shiny foil scales of the Rainbow Fish.

The Fabric range from Marcus Brothers Fabrics consists of a 60cm panel and 12 coordinating fabrics. Many of these fabrics have placced silver matallic highlights or a metallic silver shimmer .

There are 3 FREE DOWNLOAD patterns in PDF format for you to make a beautiful quilt for for children or grandchildren .The quilts range in size from 42x62 inches to  50x60 inches and fabric kits are available for the quilt fronts and binding from  approx $117.00 but dont delay as the fabric is selling very fast at $28.49 per metre - 60cm (24inch) panels  $17.20 each.



The range SOFT RERSPONSE is designed by Shell Rummel for Coats Fabrics. There are 15 fabrics in charcoal, grey and clove colours. $27.90 per metre.  These fabrics will look good in quilts and home decor.


Designer Shell Rummel has been a successful and established presence in the fine art, wedding and stationery markets for nearly 20 years. Passionate about designing beautiful products that honor her distinctive design aesthetic, Shell’s focus is on building the Shell Rummel brand’s presence within home decor markets which includes working with world class licensing partners in bedding, bath textiles, rugs, tabletop, accessories and fabric by the yard.

The hallmarks of the brand are tranquil, sophisticated and gracefully fluid art and design, unified by her signature painterly style. Watercolors are the preferred medium for this award-winning artist, and the unpredictability of painting with water often results in surprising variations and subtle imperfections, which make Shell’s patterns so beautifully unique. There is an inherently organic, natural quality as well as a softly refined feel to Shell’s designs. Her livable collections are both comfortable and contemporary at the same time.

Ever inspired by the fluid grace of nature, Soft Repose pays homage to subtle patterning and graceful lines. It’s a livable collection of soft, graceful, organic designs and its quiet palette features a full range of tonal grays, enhanced by the unique translucence of hand painted watercolors.


A new range of 29 fabrics from this very popular fabric designer. The fabric is at $27.80 per metre and wil blend easily with many of Tula's previous fabrics, as usuall the range features her traditiuonal animals. In her own words..

I have often remarked that the only animals I will never put on fabric are domestic pets. So, naturally, I couldn't help myself and immediately began to draw the ultimate pet, a cat. Tabby Road is the illustrated adventures of a fabulously sophisticated polka-dotted house cat with flare to spare and her sassy striped kitty sister. These two crazy kittens spend their days climbing delightfully proportioned banded fruit trees, chasing mice up and down elegant acanthus leaves for sport, coughing up brightly colored fur balls and ending their days with bellies full of artisan-crafted consciously canned, organic cat snacks. If ever there was a cat to envy, this is the one. Tabby Road is the life of the common house cat as seen through my eyes, transformed into an imaginary world of quirk and color, mischief and mayhem.



12 fabrics from Northcott fabrics featuring sewing items, Cotton Reels, sewing Machines, pins and quilt blocks etc

$25.10 per metre



A collection of 12 fabrics from Quilting Treasures and Studio 8 .  This new collection from Studio 8 features a bold compilation  of pretty florals and medallions in rich reds , golds and orange colours. Great co-ordinating stripes and ditzy prints round out the group nicely . Our price $26.90 per metre . Our web page also includes a link to a FREE quilt project sheet using this range.



A small collection of 12 fabrics from Northcott Studios .All fabrics are black and white . $24.70 per metre


17 more batik fabrics from ANTHOLOGY to our web page numbers BD0110 to BD0127 This now brings the web page to just over  100 fabrics . There are probably 50 more in the shop that donet appear on this page , Batik febris are very popular at present and Anthology fabrics are made using the latest technology and incorporate som eof the recent more complex designs seen recently in this type of fabric, Teh designs have evolved very significvantly over the last few years to now rival the complexity of screen printerd fabric designs.

.   The new fabrics are $24.10 per metre while there are many more at lower prices.


A new collection of 12 fabrics from Quilting Treasures.  The designs feature medallions, scolls, geometic shapes and include 5 blending fabric to make you quilt. There are FREE download project sheets for a QUIT and a RUNNER.

The colours featured are a rich golden yellow, aqua , creams and browns .  $26.90 per metre


A selection of 15 new patchwork fabrics designed by Reika Hunt for Clothworks fabrics - The design is  contemorary featuring floral, leaf and fern representations in colours of Cherry, Cool Mint, grey , black , navy and  white.  Obviously suitable for patchwork quilting but should also  be popular for bags, clothing and soft furnishings.   $24.90 per metre.



We continue with our practice of adding new fabrics from thgis collective to our range. These additions complement the fabrics wer already have in stock this giving you the customer a wide selection of fabrics within your slected colour preference. The new fabrics is priced at $28.30 per metre and are numbered KF229 at the bottom of our page, Many of the earlier fabrics are available at lower prices  which are shown on the web page under each fabric image.  We regret the price increases but with the decline in value of the Australian dollar and increased freight ratews these are inevitable after a period of about 5 years of stability. We still  have about 120 fabrics available on the bolt and many more in fat quarter only. If you are looking for a fabric that we do not stock provided you want a few metres of that fabric we will attempt to purchase for you.   If that is you then give me a ring on  02 9686 2325 and we will see what is possible.




4 road network and town layout Playmat panels for children, Buy one of four different panels seperately or buy four and join together for one big palymat or 3 for a quilt top. Border print and free quilt pattern available below


a 36 INCH - 90CM PATCHWORK PANEL - suitable for a quilt top or wall hanging . $20.80 +p&h



It's here!! In her debut collection for Studio 37 and MARCUS FABRICS, Victoria Findlay Wolfe draws inspiration from cherished childhood memories of her grandparents, resulting in a gorgeous Modern-Traditional mix of color and pattern that invites a quilter's individual artistry.  20 Fabrics at $26.30   per metre plus p& h are now available.



A selection of 3 cheater panels, quilt labels and 20 coordinating fabric together with 4 patterns to use the fabrics. The fabrics are in bright basic colours and feature a variety of geometric shapes.  Fabric $24.90 per metre- Panels  $15.10 . Patterns $16.00



Tula's newest fabric collection, Chipper, is about the warm sun on her face, hair gently blowing in the wind and the scent of fresh cut grass. Chipper is carefree and relaxed. It’s a midday summer nap. It is the break that we all deserve but never take. Designing fabric is a lot like meditation; She gets to imagine the place that she most wanted to be at that moment and bring it to life in fabric. This is a happy place where she might sit under the shade of a great old tree and watch the world go by without a care in the world. She designed Chipper to be both refreshing and vibrant with tons of details and a fantasy color palette of mints, oranges, pinks and plums with undertones of cool grays and lime greens.  This colection as usual features a number of animals incorporated in the various designs.  $26.30 per metre,
Many of the fabrics in this range combine easily with fabrics in the previous range EDEN of which we still have good stocks.


A  range of 25 fabrics by ppoular young designer TULA PINK and manufactured by Free Spirtit Fabrics. These fabric a re alitle different from our last collection by Tula and I cansee thjem have applicatioin in home furnishings and clotrhing as well as patchgwork and bag making. The price is $25.60 per metre whichis not as expensiver vas some other recent fabric releases.


Tula has said the following about this collection on the Free Spirit web pages--

People often wonder why I draw animals. The answer is simple, it is because I don’t understand them. An elephant cannot tell me her story, a tiger will never stop to chat about the weather, a giant Atlas moth will never land on my shoulder to inform me of what intrigue lies on the path ahead and a flower will never ask me if I would like a stick of gum. It is these little interactions with people that allow us to know each other or at least open a door to that possibility. Eden is an exploration of nature's mystery and wonder. It is about pattern and texture overgrown, unkempt and unconfined. While the daily coming and going of life, people, bills and paperwork pile up there is always that place in my mind that I can retreat to that remains wild and free. Eden is a snapshot of that imagined place made real in fresh, vivid color. For me Eden is both a retreat and a reminder to leave a little room at the end of the day to embrace the mystery and take time to wonder. Albert Einstein may have said it best when he wrote, "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.” Eden is about keeping our eyes open and maybe seeing that there is more there than we originally thought.



The first 2 sections  SPRING DAISIES & PARDON MY GARDEN - 24 new fabrics with a different colour selection to the 2015 collection.  Many of the new fabrics will blend well with the previous collections.- $27.50   per emtre reflects the decline of the Australian dollar and increased freight rates.,Most of this range is still available .



A collection of 12 fabrics designed by Tim Holtz for Coats fabrics, Tim is a well know designer of scarpbooking paper and has recently turned to designing patchwork fabrics. The fabric’s feature a nostalgic mix of media from the past including the industrial look of antique letter press; old luggage labels evoking the golden age of travel; sepia toned newsprint, handwritten journal entries and passport pages; old wall parer, music scores and more.  $25.85 per metre,


 a small selection of 8 vintage type florals in colours of Berry and steel grays.  $24.20


The latest fabric range from Quilting treasures featuring the Santoro cartoon character GOTJUSS. Gorjuss is very popular in Europe with young ladies and is fast gainingf polularity in Australia and elsewhere as she becomes better knowm. WE have stocked the panel and the fabrics necessary to make the quilt from the free download patern which is downloadable in PDF form from our page.  If youy are interested in this character we also have limied stocks availanble from earlier ranges SIMPLY GORJUSS  and ON TOP OF THE WORLD  (see their separate pages for details)



The ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN panel featuring the Marvel Comics hero. 90x110cm   $19.70



This 90x110cm panel features the popular Disney duo - $19.70


Pathworkers are always looking for fabrics to coordinate with their major quilt fabrics, to fill in spaces, to bind our quilts or simply as backing,  We have a large selection on our page and these fabrics always prove very popular in the shop. Here we have added 3 pink fabrics, three black & white and one blue.  Hope you like our selection. These keep changing so aal our additions do not always get to the web page, If you ae looking for something special then give me a ring or send an email.



Under this heading we have Christmas, Animlals, Fruit and Veg., Sky, Water, Bricks etc.. This month we have added 2 more brick wall fabrics to our collection.  If you are looking for something special you may find it under this heading.


All our fat quarters are METRIC size.
That is 50cm ( approx 19¾ ") x  half the fabric width - approx 55cm .

Jeanette - April 14, 2017

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