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Bargello Biscornu   #123  “Biscornu Set in Two Colourways...”
                                                                          Online Finishing Instructions.

This luscious set of “Smalls” is so beautiful, dainty and elegant! The 5 squares around the outside of the biscornu include some beautiful Hardanger cut work & weaving. On the violet and blue Biscornu it is done on a separate colour light blue linen, using white Perle Cottons. On the Christmas version, you can see it's done on the same linen, uisng Cream Perle Cotton and metallic gold for that extra glitter..! The tops and bottoms include Bargello, using delicious silks and metallics, as well as tiny blossoms made of silk ribbon, and some sparkling gold beads. There is even a tiny scissors fob for each colourway to match. One side of the fob is worked with the Bargello and tiny flower, and the other is worked with the Hardanger motif to match..! With all the various colours in this design, you have many matching backing fabric colours to choose from. You will also learn a few specialty stitches.  There are Silk Ribbon stitches, Bargello, Kloster Blocks, wrapping bars and Dove's Eyes, as well as Laizy Daisy Stitches for leaves.. perfectly adorable for either Spring and winter or Christmas seasons. Which colourway will you choose? Perhaps, like, me, you'll enjoy stitching both of them and give the red and green version away to your dearest friend for Christmas! You will be proud to use this elegant set at your next guild meeting or stitcher’s gathering! Have fun stitching! :) - Thea

You need enough linen for 17 pieces -
15 for biscornu and 2 for scissors fob:
Design Area for each piece: 28w x 28h (2” w x 2” h)
Model: 28ct Ant. White Cashel Linen and 28ct Confederate Grey Linen
or Platinum Cashel Linen (Cut fabric: 3 “w x 3”h each, for finishing)

There are FOUR  #123 Accessory Packs:

The Bargello Biscornu Accessory Packs contain plenty of threads and materials to stitch both one Biscornu and one Scissor Fob as shown! Accessory Packs can be obtained from Lyn's Fine Needlwork. Please ask our prices.

Victorian Christmas Colourway 
Gloriana silk #135 “Bellagio” 
Needlepoint Inc. #0642 - grass green Gloriana silk #117 “Elizabethan Green” Kreinik Mori #7086 yellow
Kreinik Mori #7124 - cream
Kreinik #4 Braid #002 - gold
YLI silk ribbon #137 - red
Mill Hill seed bead #00557 - gold
Mill Hill seed bead #00123 - cream 
Heirloom Round Button - white

Extra Materials Needed:
Fabric for all - 
DMC #8 Perle Cotton #712 - cream
DMC #12 Perle Cotton #712 - cream
#24 tapestry needle
#10 beading needle
Victorian Violet Colourway
Caron Waterlilies #011 “Pebbles”
Kreinik Mori #4204 - green
Kreinik Mori #5055 - blue
Kreinik Mori #7086 yellow
Kreinik Mori #8000 - white
Kreinik #4 Braid #102 - vatican gold
TW silk ribbon #053 - lilac
Mill Hill seed bead #00557 - gold
Mill Hill seed bead #00479 - white

Heirloom Round Button - white


Extra Materials Needed:
Fabric for all - 
DMC #8 Perle Cotton - white
DMC #12 Perle Cotton - white
#24 tapestry needle
#10 beading needle

#123CLP -  Linen Pack for
Victorian Christmas Colourway:

This pack contains plenty of Platinum to stitch one Biscornu and one  Scissors Fob as shown!  It contains 1 piece of 9"w x 21"h Platinum Cashel.  Linen Packs can be found purchased from Lyn's Fine Needlework

#123PBLP -  Linen Pack for
Victorian Violet Colourway:

This pack contains plenty of Platinum to stitch one Biscornu and one  Scissors Fob as shown!  It contains 2 pieces of 8"w x 12"h 28ct. Antique White
Cashel and 1 piece of  8" x 12" 28ct Confederate Grey Cashel Linen. Linen Packs can be obtained from Lyn's Fine Needlework
(Limited Quantities of Linen Packs)

Stitches used:
  • Kloster Blocks
  • Wrapped Bars  
  • Dove's Eyes
  • Japanese Ribbon
  • Blanket Stitch Flower


  • French Knot
  • Lazy Daisy Stitch
  • Bargello
  • Petit Cross Stitch

Sorting The Threads in your Accessory Pack:
Remember to sort in daylight near a window, not under artificial light indoors.. as the colours change with the colour of the lightbulbs we use. Each floss has a different number of strands in each thread length. This helps you differentiate the different colours in your pack.

The Needlepoint Inc has 8 strands per length
The Kreinik Mori has 6 strands per length
The Gloriana Overdyed Silk has 12 thin strands per length

FYI: We noticed that some colours have been divided into two lengths. This can happen if a colour requires 1.5 yards. Our kitmaker might include one 1 yard length and one 0.5 yard length, so don't get confused if one colour has more than one length of thread. We hope this extra information will help you sort your threads more easily! 

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