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#164    "Winter Cottage" Sampler

 Wintry Days bring Snow and Fun...!  Imagine spending some family time in this adorable Winter Cottage in the snow! This scene makes me long for those hushed winter days spent in nature, in the pure sparkling snow. The kids are playing outside in the yard, making a snowman, feeding the birds while you are putting together a picnic to take on your crisp and sunny cross country skiing trip in the afternoon. This is truly your ideal winter getaway! The water behind the cottage evokes a mountain lake, but the water view can be viewed as whatever body of water you want it to be; river, ocean or lake - whatever feels personal to you and your family! The linen used is a perfect dark grey-blue, to evoke a dark and snowy winter sky and to make the snow look so white compared to the background colour! Your LNS will have several linens available, so enjoy choosing your own favorite colour linen to bring this project to life! This is a perfect design to hang in your home or cottage to remind you of fun times past, present or yet to come.. in your own little Winter Cottage! - Thea

"Winter Cottage" Sampler
Design area: 89w x 82h (6.4”w x 5.9”h)
         Model: 28ct Smoky Pearl Linen Cashel  Cut fabric: 12.5”w x 12”h for finishing

#164P MAIN Accessory Pack (enough to stitch this sampler)

Gloriana silk #066A “Highland Garden dk” - multi 
Gloriana silk #087 “Forest” - greens dk 
Kreinik Mori #0103 - flesh 
Kreinik Mori #1114 - red 
Kreinik Mori #4044 - turquoise med 
Kreinik Mori #6106 - purple 
Needlepoint Inc. #491 - turquoise ultra lt 
Needlepoint Inc. #925 - antique blue dk 

Gloriana silk #178 “Mocha” - browns 
Dinky Dyes #069 “Swan Valley” - grey greens 
Kreinik Mori #2014 - yellow 
Kreinik Mori #4046 - turquoise dk 
Needlepoint Inc. #113 - bright blue 
Needlepoint Inc. #322 - antique blue lt 
Needlepoint Inc. #564 - aqua 
Needlepoint Inc. #800 - fuchsia 

Specialty buttons - Snowflakes

#164WBFP Black and White Accessory Pack (Enough Black and White silk Floss to stitch this design) 

Extra Materials Needed
Needles #10 short beading 
Tapestry Needles

Stitches Used in this Sampler:
Cross Stitch 
Petit Cross Stitch   
Plaited Stitches
French Knots
Lazy Daisy Stitches
French Knots
Satin Stitches

Sorting The Threads in your Accessory Pack: Remember to sort in daylight near a window, not under artificial light indoors, as the colours change with the colour of the lightbulbs we use. Each floss has a different number of strands in each thread length. This helps you differentiate the different colours in your pack. Needlepoint Inc. silk floss has 8 strands per length The Kreinik Mori has 6 strands per length The Gloriana Overdyed Silk has 12 thin strands per length. Dinky Dyes has 6 strands per length. FYI: We noticed that some colours have been divided into two lengths. This can happen if a colour requires 1.5 yards. Our kitmaker might include one 1 yard length and one 0.5 yard length, so don't get confused if one colour has more than one length of thread. We hope this extra information will help you sort your threads more easily!


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