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# 129  Gingerbread Church...
Part three of the Gingerbread Village Series
This beautiful Gingerbread Church is the latest addition to a whole Gingerbread Village which I will continue to create over the coming years. Just like the Gingerbread House and Gingerbread Tree Etui, this year’s figure is stitched on a Gingerbread coloured linen. However, this time you can decide to use black linen for the roofs, or substitute the same linen as for the Gingerbread walls. You will be stitching with delectable silk flosses, Perle Cottons, sparkling beads and delicious looking ‘candy’ snow buttons. Unlike the first two pieces, this building is not lined, which makes finishing easier and faster! The delicious fragrant Gingerbread Church is dripping with icing, has glowing windows, and lots of decorative candies to welcome the hungry visitor. Lisa’s “Beautiful Finishing” instructions are included at the end of this leaflet. This year, place all three pieces including the completed Gingerbread Church, your Gingerbread House and your Gingerbread Tree Etui, on your mantle for the Holidays! You can also place it beside your Stitching Chair to give you some extra Christmas cheer as you stitch your last minute ornaments. Look for more Gingerbread Village additions in future years! Sending all of you a delicious and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from my house to yours! -Thea

 Church Back and Front

Design Area : 50w x 78h (3.6” w x 5.6” h) Model: 28ct Antique Almond Cashel Linen: (Cut 2 fabrics: 6 “w x 8”h for finishing)

 Church - Two Sides 

Design Area : 70w x 28h (5” w x 2” h) Model: 28ct Antique Almond Cashel Linen: (Cut 2 fabrics: 7 “w x 4”h for finishing)

Church Steeple - all Four Sides 

Design Area:
20w x 88h (1.4” w x 6.3” h) Model: 28ct Antique Almond Cashel Linen: (Cut 4 fabrics: 3.5 “w x 8.5”h for finishing)

These are our suggested measurements with approximately 1" around each piece for finishing. If you want more margin, please add more linen!  

One Steeple Base
Design Area: 20w x 20h (1.4” w x 1.4” h) Model: 28ct Antique Almond Cashel Linen: (Cut fabric: 3.5“w x3.5”h for finishing)

One Church Base
Design Area: 58w x 56h (4.1” w x 4” h) Model: 28ct Antique Almond Cashel Linen: (Cut fabric: 7 “w x 7”h for finishing) 

Black Steeple Roof
all Four Sides

Design Area: 20w x 56h (1.4”w x 4”h) Model: 28ct Black Cashel Linen:
(Cut 4 fabrics: 3.5 “w x 6”h for finishing)

Black Church Main Roof
Two Sides

Design Area: 72w x 58h (5.1” w x 4.1” h) Model: 28ct Black Cashel Linen:
(Cut 2 fabrics: 7 “w x 6”h for finishing)

To Buy enough LINENS for the entire Church... 
Cut Antique Almond linen 14"w x 27.5”h  
2. Cut Black Cashel linen 7"w x 26"h

Click on suggested Fabric pieces LAYOUT Here

There are two Gingerbread Church Main Accessory Pac

Prices on Application

129WFP White Floss Accessory Pack contains plenty of white silk floss to stitch all items in the leaflet.   

Main Accessory Pack contains plenty of threads and materials to stitch all items. Materials: 

Gloriana silk #087 “Forest” - greens
Kreinik #4 Braid #002 metallic - gold
Kreinik Mori #3063 - orange
Kreinik Mori #4044 - turquoise
Needlepoint Inc. #0473 - yellow
Needlepoint Inc. #0974 - brown

Kreinik Mori #4216 - olive green dk
Kreinik Mori #6104 - mauve
Needlepoint Inc. #0113 - blue
Access Au ver a Soie #2516 - cinnamon
Access Au ver a Soie #2924 - red

SJ Designs 2mm pearl beads - white
Mill Hill seed bead #00557 - gold
Micro Mini Round Buttons - white
Snowflake Buttons - white
Charm Cross - 1 gold
Extra Materials Needed:
DMC #8 Perle Cotton (thick twist) - white DMC #12 Perle Cotton (thin twist)- white
28ct Antique Almond Cashel Linen
28ct Black Cashel Linen
#24 tapestry needle
#10 short beading needle

Stitches used in this Sampler:
  • Cross Stitch 
  • Back Stitch 
  • Cross Stitch over one 
  • Rhodes Stitch 
  • Partial Eyelet 
  • Satin Stitches
  • Arrowhead Stitch





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