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This page is designed to keep you abreast with all the recent product additions.

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  1. Counted Cross Stitch Charts by JOHN CLAYTON - THROUGH THE LOCK  and THE JUNCTION - 2 scenes from the English canal lock system


Jeanette , May 6 2021



    Garden of flowers is the latest fabric collection from FRENCH GENERAL & MODA featuring all thje pretty flowers and vines one might find ina french garden.  The colour palette includes the classic red and pearl and a touch of gray. Jardin De Fleurs evokes a formal garden that is a bit overfgrown and filled with all the lovely, small flowers that one gathers into summertime bouquets.   We have 23 fabrics available and fat quaerte packs and other range size packs by arrangement.


Jeanette , April 27 2021



  1. MAY GIBBS COUNTED CROSS STITCH KITS  2 additional kits from the May Gibbs Cross Stitch Collection. MG942  AT PLA Y and MG943 RESTING come complete with everything including a framn fpr hanging/display

  2. NORA CORBETT - CROSS STITCH CHARTS  2 additional acherts - NC206 Gigi  and NC224 Eva bot from the Bewitching Pixies Series.

  3. MIRABILLIA CROSS STITCH DESIGNS by NORA CORBETT - We have edited this page and deleted discontinued designs and added 14 designs new to our page. There are noiw 56 designs on this page,

  4. NOAHS JOURNEY - stitchery patterns From Crabapple Hill - a series of 9 stitrchery patterns feasturing a menagerie of animlas for you yto stitch. Use individually of in combination for quilts, pillows, curtains , table cloth etc. All patternd $19.90 each.

  5. GIRLS GETAWAY STITCHERIES -5 stitchey designs From Crabapple Hill to do individually or to make into a single quilt.

  6. A VERY SPECIAL DELIVERY  A STITCHERY PATTERN From Crabapple Hill, A special pattern for a newborn

  7. A FIELD MOUSES HOLIDAY - A stitchery pattewrn for a 36x36 inch lap quilt.

  8. DECK THE HALLS -  A Christmas stitchery quilt patern of 7 stitchery blocks . The quilt size is 70 inches x 70 inches.  The blocks can we worked seperately or as part of the quilt..

  9. ROOM WITH A VIEW A pattern byANNIE for three sizes of zippered storage box/container


Jeanette , April 25 2021



  1. CREWEL TWIST  Fresh Ideas for Jacobean Embroidery an embroidery book by Hazel Blomkamp
    A book of beautiful stitchery projectrs with really inteesting twists on Jacobean Embroidery. Great illustrations including an easy to follw stitch gallery with easy to follow instructions/ 144 pages soft cover
    $38.99 +p&h .

    8 beautiful crwele embroidery projects well illustrated with easy to follow instructions. Book includes a huge stitch gallery with good illustrations and good illustrations on how to complete each stitch. 145 pages semihard cover.  $39.99 +p&h

  3. EMBROIDERERS GUILD - TRANSFERS COLLECTION an embroidery book by Annette Collinge
    90 rediscovered treasure are contained in 2 seperate books. Book 1 is a sticching guide to all the projects. Book 2 is a colection of reusable iron-on transfers,$59.99 +p&h



Jeanette , April 17 2021




  1. ANCHOR TRACED LINEN TABLE CLOTH KIT . This kit is for a linen table cloth 1401cm x 240cm and contains all you need for $231.00 . There are not many kits available for this size cloth

  2. LONG STITCH KITS - 3 KITS - NOAHS ARK - WINTER THROUGH THE WINDOW - FAIRYLAND. All  kits have the design printed on the canvas and include ANCHOR STRANDED COTTONS


Jeanette , April 11  2021

  1. DINOSAUR FRIENDS -  PANEL - BORDER PRINT and 8 fabrics available to make a beautiful childrens quilt and pillow . Pattern and Quilt fabric kit available.


March 25 2021


  1. SANCTUARY - 24 fabrics designed by Three Sisters fr Moda fabrics, Features subtle shades of Aqua, Grey, Pink with florals , dots and stripes. Prices ar $28.50.   Fat Quarter budles are availablke while stocks last.

  2. BOOK PANELS . The following new panels added  -RHYME ME 6 pages of rhymes (twinkle twinkle, Pat a cake , Itsy Bitsy Spider, Row yor Boat, The wheels on the bus) DEXTER THE DINOSAUR- learn all about shapoes . HUNGRY ANIMAL ALPHABET An animal for eack letter of the alphabet - ZOOTOPIA A-Z  Names for each letter . NUMBERS IN THE JUNGLE An animal for each number 1-10  , FROM THE GROUND UP  Building Construction scenes, TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD Travel scenes and modes of transport

  3. LATCH HOOK KITS - 2 ADDITIONAL KITS WITH PRINTED CANVAS - BOSTON the Bear and ROARY the tiger . We have also received stock of many items out of stock due to COVID issues.

  4. STITCH & MAT CROSS STITCH KITS    from Design Works. 3 kits a  CAT- GIRAFFE and FALMINGO  $19.95 ea.  The design fits a standard 8x10inch frame.

  5. COUNTED CROSS STITCH KITS - by Design Works - Blue & Yellow Floral & Watercolour Garden

  6. SMALL 5X7 INCH COUNTED CROSS STITCH KITS  - These kits BUCKET MOUSE and WATERING CAN MOUSE feature a small mouse in the desugn.  $18.95 each,

  7. KAFFE FASSETT COLLECTIVE FABRICS- We have updated this page by removing redundant fabric and adding approx 35 additional fabrics starting from KF241 upward . Some of these fabrics are old favourites but most are recent additions to our stock which have failed to reach our web page

Jeanette March 20 2021


  1. VICTORIA SAMPLER EMBROIDERY CHARTS  - 4 additional charts by Thea Dueck and 2 by Linda Rosser


Jeanette , March 13 2021



  1. FLORAGRAPHIX V -  A new range of digitall printed fabrics from Jason Yenter . The range is 29 fabrics plus a border print in 2 coloureways .. The prints feature various floiral images in mainly autumn , purple , green and aqua tones. This range will blend easily wthr recent ranges such as RAINBOW OF JEWELS . Priced at $26.95 it is very competitive. Fat quarters and range fat quarter bundles of 29 fabrics are  available while stocks last.



Jeanette MARCH 6  2021

  1. BABY BOY   Birth Sampler counted cross stitch chart from Heritage Crafts

  2. LOVE NEVER FAILS  awedding sampler  counted cross stitch KIT from JANLYNN

  3. KATRINA - A counted cross stitch design chart from Heritage Stitchcraft in the Elegance Series designed by John Clayton

  4. TOGETHER FOREVER a semi- comical counted cross stitch chart from Heritge Crafts


JEANETTE , February 15 2021




    10 beautiful fabrics like wate colour paintings in shades of purple, green and blues.  Will very easily blend with fabrics of similiar colours, $27.95 per metre

  2. LONG STITCH TAPESTRIES - 3 additional kits from Fiona Jude - GALAHS, WILDFLOWEEERS and TEDDY'S BOUQUET .

  3. TRACED LINEN EMBROIDERY DESIGN KITS by RICO  3 additional table cloth / runner kits added but unfortunalety many kits deleted as Rico discountinue many designs, More new designs coming soon, .




Jeanette , February 9 , 2021



  1. SASHIKO  18 Fabrics from Windam Fabrics designed by Whistler Studio

    Here is a tribute to the Japanese form of decorative reinforcement stitching from the Edo Period. Sashiko features hues of indigo blues with geometric and floral designs, highlighting the art of handwork. fat quarter bundles available on request.




  1. PATTERN POOLE ANIMAL APPLIQUE PATTERNS 4 more patterns in this ever increasing menagerie - a Rcaoon, Turkey , Peacock and a Chipmunk . This brinks the number of patterns on our web page to 48.

  2. LISA THE UNICORN - another quilt and pillow pattern from Elizabeth Hartman

  3. BAG PATTERNS by ANNIE -  3 additional patterns - IN THE MIX (Kitchen Mixer Cover) LAPTOP Computer Carrier - UNDER COVER (sewing Machine Cover)


Jeanette January 30 2021






    20 farics in this collection . Free Patternd available at

    Inspired by the forest with hand-drawn images of foliage, trees and animals combined with florals, Woodland is the perfect collection if you want to bring nature into your home.
    The House in the Woods and Winter Fun quilts are inspired by the winter season, but the Woodland collection can work just as well the rest of the year.

    Our price $29.95 - fat quarters $7.50 each . 20 fat quarter bundles als0 available

  2. MIRABILLIA CROSS STITCH KITS  - = Several more charts by Nora Corbett added to this page . We now show 49  charts by Nora Corbett on this page in addition to the 52 charts shown under her own NORA CORBETT brand on that page,


  4. ANCHOR COUNTED CROSS STITCH CHARTS  - 4 CHARTS ADDED - SPRAY OF POPPIES  - SUMMER DAYS - TULIPS RUNNER  which is a large table ruuner stitched on natural linen fabricand CAMPER VAN which is a VW style Kombi Van type vehicle.


Jeanette . January 15  2021



    A small range of 8 bright modern design fabrics designed by Denise Burkitt from Free Spirit Fabrics

  2. NORA CORBETT - 5 additional charts added to the page.- Also Mirrabilia Page for more charts by Nora Corbett



JEANETTE January 12,  2021

  1. RAINBOW OF JEWELS A new range of patchwork fabrics designed by jason Yenter for In The Beginning Fabrics, A border print and 20 fabrics all in strong rich colours. A pattern book featuring his well know Kaleidoscope Quilt patteris alos avaialble. The fabris in this collection will easily blend with a number of his other recent ranges.

  2. THISTLE PATCH a range of patchwork fabric with 20 fabrics designed by TERESA MAGNUSON for CLOTHWORKS.

The range features thistles as the name implies in various shades of purple and green as the main colouts on white and other background colours. Far quarter bundle available .



  1. COUNTED CROSS STITCH KITS by DESIGN WORKS  - 7 additional kits added to thgis page.More florals and more sceneary

  2. CHERISHED MOMENTS A selection of 13 small print fabrics from Poppy Cotton in pastel shades of pink, aqua and grey.  Great together and as co-ordinating fabrics, 

  3. NEW STOCKS OF LATCH HOOK KITS and many Janlynn & Design Works Cross Stitch Kits juts arrived.






  1. MOODY BLOOM A fabric range designed by Laura Muir fron CREATE JOY PROJECT for MODA FABRICS, We have a panel and 18 100% cotton patchwork fabrics for traditional patchwork and 4 LINEN fabrics suitable for a variety of applications including cushions, bag making etc. . The range features incredibla texture , a love of nature, attention to detail.



  1. PATTERN POOLE - 4 additional fusible applique Animal Designs have ben added to our range bring to 40 the nimber of paterns on our page. the new designs are Sloth and the Butterflies - Cherry Blossom Panda - Lucy the Llama



Jeanette , Novembewr 14 2020



  1. ULITMATE TRAVEL BAG 2.0- a bag patten byANNIE

  2. DAY TRIPPER 2.0  --Another bag pattern byANNIE

Jeanette , November 10 2020



  1. JANE AUSTEN AT HOME - Fabric range from Riley Blake includes 2 specialty panels and 20 individual fabrics,

  2. EMMAS COUNTING BOOK - A STITCHERY from CRABAPPLE HILL STUDIO. A childs cloth book design featuring designs for six 10"x 9'pages with embroidery designs for numbers 10 to 10. Each design features the number alongside a stitchery design featuring the number of items to match the number.

  3. .


Jeanette , November 8 2020



  1. TULA PINK LINEWORK -     New 13 ptchwork fabric range with lots of black and white with spa=lashed of colour

  2. CREWEL EMBROIDERY KITS by Dimensions. BUCKET OF FLOWERS -LILACS & LACE - CARDINALS IN DOGWOOD, Preprinted fabrics with a combination of cotton, wool and acrylic threads . $36.99 each


Jeanette , Octotober 24


  1. AUSTRALIAN WILDFLOWER SAMPLER - A conted Cross Stich KIt by Fiona Jude


Jeanette , October 11  2020


  1. TRACED LINEN Freestyle Embroidery TABLE CLOTH KITS - 4 kits Autumn . Spring Garland , Poppies and Strawberries all at $61.60  by Anchor.


Jeanette , OCTOBER 8  2020


  1. TROPICAL FLOWERS A traced linen table cloth kit bu Beutron

  2. BUTTERFLIES IN THE MEADOW - A traced linen table runner cloith by Beutron


Jeanette, August 17 2020




  1. LAUGHING KOOKABURRA Counted Cross Stitch kit by Fiona Jude  - 27.50


Jeanette , August 16  2020



  1. LONG STITCH KITS - 2 sdditional kits from Country Threrads and Fiona Jude - Kookabura and Major Mitchells


We have stocked this range of approx 160 fabrics from MAYWOOD for sme time but have justr added it to our web pages. These slightly mottled fabrics cover a wide range of colours in the spectrum and give quilters an opportunity to fins a plainish fabric that fits asthetically into their quilting project.  The fabrics in the range are on going and are almost always in stock or we can obtain quickly.  A great range of blenders.


JEANETTE -August 15 2020



We are stocking the pink colourway of this fabric range which constsists of an EMMA PANEL - Life Is Better in a TUTU and all the fabrics necessary to make the quilt in the FREE PATTERN download which has a link on the web page . I panel and 5 fabris at $28.60 per metre.

  1. SPRING FLOWERS - A traced linen table cloth kit from ANCHOR

Jeanette, August 9  2020



    A small selection of fabrics from DEVONSTONE featuribf Australian Gum Teee Blossoms and wattles. Three of the fabrics have 2 colourways on the same fabric with different colours on each half of the fabric . $28.50 per metre.

    COOLART - a quilt pattern to utilise the iconic Australian Animal panesl from WILDLIFE ART found elewhere on this web site
    EMMY LOU CLUTCH - A   patern to embleeliush the LEULLA CLUTCH KITfrom Aster & Anne and available from Lyns Fine Needlework.
    STARS OVER KANSES - A quiltr pattern.
    BUSHLAND CHORUS - A pattern for a table or bed runner

  3. BEACH BUMS - A whimsical quilt pattern from Hoffman International


Jeanette, August 2  2020


    A selection of 6 patchwork fabrics featuring Australian Gum Tree Blossoms and wildflowers at $28.50 per metre

Jeanette , August 1  2020

  1. WILD LIFE ART COLLECTION   a collection of 3 panels featuring iconic Australian Wildlife images suitablke for pillows or quilt blocks. Also 3 co-oedinating fabrics featuring 2 colourways on the same fabric. The fabrics have a different coloured background on each side of the fabric width.

Jeanette , July 31 , 2020


  1. TIGER - TAPESTRY CANVAS - An explosive and dynamic tapestry canvas of a tiger running through water


Jeanette . July 28 2020


    A needlepoint (tapestry) kit suitable for a pillow or framing. Kits contains all you need to complete the design.


Jeanette , July 27 2020



A beautiful range of 26 fabrics from Riley Blake featuring a panel and a border fabric, the border fabric in particular would look wonderful in a dress for yoyr favouraite daughter , grand daughter or niece,  The the fabic features small florals , some images of Abbie and a great selection of coo-dinating fabrics in Aqua, grey, offwhite , raspberry , charcoal, black and pink in mainly pastel tones.   A great range at $27.95 per metre which is very competitive in todays environment


Jeanette , July 26/7/2020



  1. HONEYBEE'S GARDEN  . A quilt pattern from CRABAPPLE HILL STUDIO features stitcheries of a Beehive and bees gathering pollen. A great throw quilt design


JEANETTE , JULY 25  2020



  1. STAMPED NO COUNT CROSS STICH KITS by DIMENSIONS  - w kits - Hummingbird & Fuchasias   and Cottages by the Sea.


Jeanette , July 23 2020



  1. TROPICAL ZOO from Devonstone Fabrics
    A great range fabrics featuring panels of GIRAFFE, PANDA and SLOTH each with co-ordinating, Suitable for making a single or multi theme quilt. Alos suitable for wall hangings - pillows etc

Jeanette , July 19 2020

  1. LONGSTITCH KITS by Country Threads   -3 kits - Dolphins, Lighthouse and Dolphins


JEANETTE , JULY 17  2020


A selection of 16 fabrics from Riley Blake - Graduated in colours . Great in thier own right as a collection but also great for coordinates in your quilt projects where you need bright colours . Availanle now at $25.65 per metre

JEANETTE , JULY 15  2020


  1. AUSTRALIAN BEAUTIES  A range of 20 fabrics from JASON YENTER featurinf iconic Australian Animals and images , these include Kangaroos, Emu, Koala, Boomerangs, Wild flowers in vibrant colours

Jeanette , July 11 2020



  1. CUDDLY BEAR QUILT  A stamped cross stitch BABY quilt from Dimensions. The esignis prined on the fabric in ink abd fades with washing.



Jeanette , July 6  2020



  2. HUMMINGBIRD & POPPIES a counted cross stitch kit from Dimensions


Jeanette .June 27  2020


  1. ORIENTAL SPLENDOR - NON COUNTED   cross stitch kit from the DIMENSIONS GOLD COLLECTION . This splendid floral arrangement in oriental vases is printed in colour on the the WHITE PLOYSETER HOMESPUN .


Jeanette June  23 2020


  1. BEST BUDDIESAnother soft book panel from SusyBee  - $23.40




  1. BON VOYAGE Tote & Project Bag - Another bag pattern by Annie

  2. GINGERBREAD  VILLAGE STOCKINGS & GRANDMA'S CHRISTMAS KITCHEN.  - 2 Christmas stitchery patterns from CragApple Studio.

  3. BLOSSOM TEAPOT , tHIS SPLENDID  YOUR LIFE WITH LOVE AND LOVE IN BLOOM - 3 additional stitchery patterns from CrabApple Hill Studio .


Jeanette , June 15 2020

  1. CROSS STITCH CHARTS by FIONA JUDE - 4 aditional chaerts adedd to this page.

    1. MARGUERITES TABLE RUNNER  A traced linen table runner KIT project from MYART.

    2. TRACED LINEN TABLE CLOTHS by RICO . 3 kits for embroidery added to our page

    3. TRACED LINE TABLE CLOTHS by RICO -  2 Kits for CROSS STITCH added to our page .

    4. PEACOCK'S GARDEN a quilt pattern by MONICA POOLE. This stunning pattern was originally released a block of the month program using applique and pieced techniques.


Jeanette ,June 8 , 2020


  1. LITTLE AUSSIE FRIENDS -  A great now range of Australiana  fabric featuring iconic Australian animals  KOALA - KANGAROO - ECHIDNA- PLATAPUS  - WOMBAT & the KOOKABURRA .  printed in pastel pinks and aqua they are great fabric for cot quilts, pillows and quilts and as a teaching aid to teach our chgildren about our native forna.   3 panels and 8 co-ordinates


'Jeanette , June 7  2020


  1. COUNTED CROSS STITCH - BIRTH SAMPLERS by DIMENSIONS  - KITS 12 inches x 9 inches Little Sports - Savannah - Little Pond - Pet Friends and s,all er kit OWL BIRTH RECORD 7in x 5 inch


  3. COUNTED CROSS STITCH KITS by DIMENSIONS of Birds, sceneary etc - WISE OWL, WINTER CARDINALS - LAKESIDE VILLAGE -    Petite Gold Collection kits - Overlook Cafe and Chickadees in Spring and   . Also GRANDKITS ALWAYS WELCOME  AND GOLDFINCH & LILACS and more delightdful kits on this page



Jeanette , May 24  2020


  1. COSMOS - A fabric range by Jason Yenter and IN THE BEGINNING FABRICS consisting of 2 panels , a border print and 14 coordinating fabrics at $26.95 per metre. A quilt pattern using the panels is $12.00 and a quilt kit for the large panel quilt is $249.00. A great design for young people interested in the unvierse and stars.

  2. RICO TRACED LINEN TABLE CLOTH  KITS for CROSS STITCH - four additional kits added - 2 different design TABLE CLOTH kits with a kit for matching tablke runners. These kits are for cross stitch.


Jeanette May 7 2020


  1. BEE MINDFUL BLOCK OF THE MONTH PROGRAM  - 12 MONTH program startinh MAY/June 2020 at $25 per month plus postage. Quilt designed by Michele Hill and using batik fabrics, Click on the title line for full details



JEANETTE April 27 2020



    A small range of 12 fabrics from IN THE BEGINNING at $26.99 per metre. The 12 fabrics include a border fabric and feature pastel florals with small splashes of lemom nad violet. There are 2 quilt patterns available at $12.00 each designed specially for this fabric . Quilt kits also available on request for both quilts.

  2. ON THE TOWN  - Another bag pattern by ANNIE

  3. MAY GIBBS CROSS STITCH KITS - 2 counted cross stitch kits we did not previously have on out web page - BY THE SEASIDE and LITTLE OBELIA


    Jeanette April 5 2020


    A small range of 8 digitally printed fabrics from IN THE BEGINNING FABRICS -  A beautiful 90cm panel featuring 9 different animals in squared framed panels. 7 co-rdinating fabrics in soft pinks lemons and green. The fabric is $26.99 per metre and comes with a pattern designed especially for the fabric at $12.00 . OUR FABRIC KIT for Quilt Front and binding is $184.75 which includes the patern . The quilt size is 50.5 inch x 73.5 inch

    Jeanette April 1 2020



  1. TAEO TIGER another fusible applique animal pattern from PATTERN POOLE- 2 size options in this pattern  for $16.00

  2. CHELSEA BAG - A new bag from Pattern Poole

  3. DESIGN WORKS - Conted Cross Stitch Picture Kits - Three very different designs. - DOCKSIDE QUILTS- WATERING CAN CATS & nBUTTERFLY BUNCH








Jeanette . March 28 2020


  1. HOMEMADE - The new 25 fabric range from TULA PINK . This renage at $29.99 per metre features a variety of ewing room items and notions in a colour range which mixes well with many fabrics from her most recent ranges. Full range fat quarter and fat 1/8th bundlkes are available for a limited time.



  1. PATTERNS BY ANNIE - 2 additional bag patterns BACK AT YA 2.1 and BOWL ME OVER 2.0


Jeanette , March 3 2020


  1. KAFFE FASSET COLLECTIVE  KF240 Exotic Fish just added - $27.50 per metre

  2. MEDIUM SPOTS  - 10 more fabriucs added, This page now hs 60 colour combinatons of spots and background colours


Jeanette , February 24  2020


  1. TILDA - HAPPY CAMPER FABRIC COLLECTION  The latest Tilda quilting fabric collection is now in stock but is in high demand and is  quickly running out.

  2. SPOTS & DOTS  An additional 10 medium do fabrics from Riley Blake have been added to our page bring the total to 50 different colour combination sof spots.

  3. BATIK FABRICS  11 new fabrics added to our page .

Jeanette . January 26 2020

  1. LAURA HEINE - COLLAGE PATTERNS - More collage paterns NOEL  TEENY TINY COLLECTION 3 , FEATHERWEIGHT and FREIDA. THis brings to 12 the patterns on this page.

  2. SNOW DAYS - a stitchery quilt pattern from Crab-apple Hill

  3. KAFFE FASSETT COLLECTIVE - 10 additional fabrics added to our stocked range, At the bottom of the page numbeed 229 upward

  4. SPOTS AND DOTS - 10  additional medium dot fabrics from Riley Blake - These fabrics re coloured dots on coloured fabrics and compliment the 30 other fabrics already on the page.

Jeanette , January 19 , 2020


  1. CHERRY LEMONADE by Jason Yenter  - We are stocking just 5 fabrics from tis new range so we can offer quilt kits for his pattern CHERRY LEMONADE GARDEN TWIST QUILT.  The fabric can howevr be purchased seperately at $25.98 per metre


Jeanette. January 13  2020



  1. CLOTH BOOK PANELS-7 additional panels ideal for babies and toddlers for playing and learning.  Easy to make withn full instructions printed on each panel.  Washable and throwable without bgreaking furniture etc.


Jeanette January 12, 2020


  1. FUSED APPLIQUE PATTERNS FROM PATTERN POOLE  -Marvin the Meerkat and 6 new patterns from their new WILDING RANGE of animal patters.Wilder The Wolf, Ruby he rabbit, Benny the Bear, Otis the Owl, Hilda the Horse, & Finley the FOX.There are now 39 of these patterns on our web page . these fusible applique patterns can be used on quilts, cushions, wall hangings, tote bags or framed for hanging.  Any fabric can be used but we find the right batik fabrics produce the most interesting results.


Jeanette , January 11, 2020


  1. COLLAGE QUILT PATTERNS BY LAURA HEINE - We have opened a new page with 8 collage patterns by Laura heine. These patterns can be used to embellisk quilts our tomakw a decoative wall hanging or special pillow. . The page has 8 patterns which are now in stock.

  2. SHEPHERDS BUSH LATEST CHRISTMAS STOCKING PATTERN -PARKER   here are now 27 patterns on this page where the name on the stocking can be changed to suit your requirements for your children,  grand children etc.

  3. MARG LOW PATTERNS - 5 new stitchery patterns for small stitchery patterns  have been added to our range and are now in the shop.  Ask our price for  KIT to do your selected project. Ideal for the school holidays


Jeanette - December 14 2019


  1. DRAGONS - a small range of 2 panels , a border print and 4 co-ordinting fabrics ideal childrens quilts . An excellent pattern available at $12.00





  1. SPRING BLOSSOMS - BLOCK OF THE MONTN PROGRAM  a 6 month program using the new TILDA RANGE HAPPY CAMPERS which is due for release January 2020 - Places in the program are very limited and no addoitional fabric will be available. once stocks exhaued. We are initially offering 6 places in thgis program which requires a $50 deposit. See the page bfor full details.


jeanette , November 19  2019


  1. ROSEWORKS - Embroidery Kits by Roseworks - 2 new kits BUTTERFLY  CARNIVAL    and  PHOENIX   FAN.. Both these kits are available with either COTTON or SILK fabric.


Jeanette  November 12 2019


  1. COUNTED CROSS STITCH PICTURE KITS by DESIGN WORKS - 3new kits to our collection. Predators Gaze, Tree Frogs and Zebras.  or all cross stitch fansf these are something different from the normal . the kist come complete woith everything you need except the frame.

Jeanette , November 9 2019


  1. TRACED LINEN TABLE CLOTHS & TABLE RUNNERS BY RICO -  7 new design kits from Rico - Some cloths some runners. We rae now showing 24 kits available . Buy while we have stock available


Jeanette , November 8  2019



  1. GARDEN DELIGHTS 111 - A new fabric range from Jason Yenter and IN THE BEGINNING featuring a range of small floral designs in a spectrun of dark colours which contrasts to the earlier Garden Delights I & 11 which featured light to medium density colours, If you still have any of the earlier fabrics they will generally blend weel together or if youy want more of the earlier ranges we still have limited stocks available for youer project. Priced at $24.98 per metrre this very reasonable in todays climate. APattern book is available on request.

Jeanette September 22, 2019




    Maru Soto an accedited teacher of the Laura Heine Technique will conduct a 2 Day workshop in store on             SATURDAY & SUNDAY _ JANUARY  11 & 12 2020  - 10am to 4pm
                $160.00  plus patterns , fabrics etc - includes lunches , coffee etc.
                    Booking essential with $80.00 deposit  - ring 02 9686 2325
    Spend 2 days creating your collage while accredited teacher MARU  teaches you the Laura Heine technique. Learn about colour and value with different scales of fabric and turn them into a ONE-OF -A KIND  Quilt. Illustrated below is one of the available design.  Fabric & notions purchased during the workshop will  receive a 10% discount from the normal price.
        For reservations and more information ring JEANETTE on  02 9686 02325




  1. COUNTY CLARE by Karen Styles

The current resurgence of handwork, "slow-stitching" and detailed techniques bring a fresh interest in the art of Broderie Perse, French for 'Persian embroidery'. This style of appliqué employs fussy-cut printed elements stitched to a background cloth to create a custom look. It was most popular in Europe in the 17th century. And there's no one better than Karen Styles to create a collection of printed motifs perfect for quilters to enhance their own Broderie Perse projects. In creating County Clare, Karen was inspired by the extraordinary appliqued quilts of Irish and English women of the 17th and 18th centuries. Her main panel (printed digitally) features beautiful bird and flower motifs typical of broderie perse, mirror-imaged to create movement. Karen's wide stripe and other companion prints to complete the look, from antique style quilts and home furnishings to artful clothing and accessories.

A magnificnt 43inch x 43 inch panel consiseting of 25 blocks each 8.5 inches square @ $25.30 and 17 coordinating fabrics at $28.99 per metre.

Jeanette .September 14  2019


  1. GARDEN OF DREAMS by Jason Yenter

    33 digitally printed fabrics at $24.95 per metre. a NEW PATTERN BOOK BY JASON ENTER @,$28.00 the kaleidoscope quilt pattern at $12.00 plus a fabric kit for the front of tHe quilt at $219.00.

    These new fabrics by jason Yenter are amongt the best produced , colouyred and feeling fabrics that we have seen over the last 20 years.  Come into ten sho an dlook for yourself and you will not be disappointed. they are magnificent.

  2. CHRISTMAS ORNAMET PATTERNS s by Pourhouse Quilt Designs - Tabletop Tannenbaum Christmas Tree, Holiday Stars , holiday Baublesand a Leaf yable Topper

  3. SUMMER STITCHING & QUEEN OF THE NEEDLE- 2 additional stitchery design patterns from CRAB-APPLE HILL

  4. COOKIE CUTTER & SPRINKLES - 2aditional quilt patterns from Jaybird Quilts

  5. BQ5 - Another quilt pattern by Maple Island Quilts

  6. SIMPLY A ROSE EMBROIDERY PATTERNS A new range of 6 embroidery patterns from Australian designer Angela Watson who describes her creations as BEAUTIFUL EMBROIDERED CREATIONS   $17.60  per pattern



Jeanette August 10 2019


  1. LOIS -the latest CHRISTMAS STOCKING cross stitch chart from Shepherds Busk - There are now 26 desigsn in thos popular series. Lyns can also the fabrics, charm packs and threads needed to compete these projectrs. Ask our price for the full kit. .

  2. ADVENTURE BAG PATTERN from PATTERN POOLE  A new back pack / shoulder bag from  Monica Poole. We alos have the hardware pack consisting of the  metal rings and 4 bag metal feet available on request . pattern $17.50  Accessories  $16.00

  3. ANIMAL APPLIQUE PATTERNSfrom Pattern Poole - Toby the Turtle - Dolly The Dolphin- Paddy the Pelican - Angelica the Angel Fish - There are now 32 patterns in this series which start at $13.00 each.  We now offer a pack of batic fabric pieces suitale for these designs. ask our price.


 Jeanette , July  29 2019


  1. ANNA GRIFFIN -LILA A small collection of 12 patchwork fabrics from ANNA GRIFFIN featuring small loral arrangements on pastel backgrounds of aqua, Green, Pin, Lavendeer and Blue with machng co-ordinating fabrics.

Jeanette , June 9, 2019




  1. WIGGLES - READY STEADY WIGGLE - new fabric from Riley Blake now in stock. 3 quilt pnels approx 1 metre wide , cloth Book Panel and 8 coordinating fabrics to make a quilt etc. NOW IN STOCK  

    Jeanette , may 15 2019


  1. PATTERN POOLE - ANIMAL APPLIQUE PATTERNS - 3 new pattersn added BILLIE THE BLUE WHALE  - SEANNA THE SEAHORSE AND OLA THE OCTAPUS  - the are npow 28 patterns on this page.  make a bag, fram the or, use it on a quilt or a pillow. Severral finished items on display in the shop. the use of batk fabic fabrics seems to produce the most sepactacular results. - prices start at $13.00

  2. MIRABILIA CROSS STITCH CHARTS  by NORA CORBETT  7 additonal charts added to this page are all older designs and are priced at $27.50

JEANETTE , MAY 9  2019



  1. MEDIUM DOTS from RILEY BLAKE FARICS. - 30 patchwork fabrics featuring Coloured Dots on White. White Dots on Colours and Tone on Tone Dots.  $23.50 per metre with single fat quarters at $6.50 each and special 10 fat quarter BUNDERS at $50.00 or $5.00 per fat quarter.  Limited stock.


Jeanette April 27 2019



  1. RACOON - Cloth Book Panel  $21.50 - Makee you own cloth book for baby - easy washable

  2. WATER WISHES - Cloth Book Panel  $15.75

  3. IN THE MEADOW-  A small patchwork fabric range fom 3 wished fabric featuring a panel plus 8 co-ordinating fabrics.




  1. NORA CORBETT CROSS STITCH CHARTS - We have just added a selection of 27 additional noira Corbett chaers to thoise we alewady offered. thse additional charts are from her LE PETITE MERMAIDSCOLLECTION, PIXIE BLOSSOMS COLLECTION , BLACK FOREST PIXIE COLLECTION , PIXIE SEASONS COLLECTION   and PIXIE COUTURE COLLECTIONS.   We also stock all the fabrics, threads and Mill Hill beads etc used to do these works of art.   Buy your threads etc with the pattern and get 10% off the threads and fabrics. required.  We offer competitive prices.





  1. BAG PATTERNS - BY ANNIE  - 4 ADDITIONAL PATTERNS ADDED -  Hang in There, Divide & Conquer , Meshing Around and Jet Set 2.0 . As usual with patterns byAnnie the bags have useful and practical pplications.  We also have COLOURED ZIPPERS in various sizes and both SOFT and STIFF MESH to suit the various by ANNIE Patterns - Ask our prices.

  2. DELIGHTFUL DESERT - An additional quilt patterns by ELIZABETH HARTMAN - This patterns come in multiple sizes with plenty of applique.


Jeanette , April 19 2019



  1. DIAMONDS DOTZ FACET EMBROIDERY KITS- just added 6 additional MINI CHRISTMAS PILLOWS at $16.95 . These small kits contain premade pillows and all that is required is to place the crystal facets as per instructiona and inset a small pillow insert or toy stuffing. These kits are suitable for beginners which includes children , The designs are printed on the fabrics and the instructions are very easy to follow.


Jeanette . April 14 2019





  1. CALYPSO - A range of 18 digitally printed patchwork fabrics from Jason Yenter and IN THE BEGINNING FABRICS at $25.10 per metre. The range features aquatic themes , fabrics and sea life and comes in 2 colourways.

Jeanette , March 23 , 2019


  1. PINKERVILLE - the latest range of 21 fabrics from TULA PINK just received and now available in store at $27.75 per metre.

Jeanette . March 20 2019


  1. TOMMY THE T-REX  - Another fusible Applique Pattern from Alaura Pole and Pattern Poole in their Animal series. We now have 19 designs in this series.

  2. SISTERS BAGS - another bag pattern from Aunties Two.  2 sizes in this patterns

  3. BOOK PANELS - 4 additional book panels - SUSYBEES'BUDDIES  - WOODSY WONDERS Collctors Journal - DEXTER DINOSAUR teaches kiis about the Alphabet and MY FIRST BOOK OF SHAPES  - Make these delightful cloth books for babies and young children can be chewed , thrown and washed regularly in your washing machine.



  1. AUSTRALIAN GARDEN TWIST - QUILT KITS AND PATTERNS - The Australian garden Twist fabric has been specially released in Asutralia by In The Beginning fabrics .W ehave put together Quilt kits in two variations in both Queen and Lap sizes.  LAP SIZE AND QUEEN SIZE KITS AVAILABLE

Jeanette March 3 , 2019

  1. DIAPHANOUS- A range of 29 digitally printed PATCHWORK FABRICS  designed by JASON YENTER for IN THE BEGINNING FABRICS Priced at $25.50 per metre and $7.00 for fat quarters - Quater bundles availabe at reduced prices.

  2. ART HISTORY A range of 28 patchwork fabrics at $27.75 per metre and 2 x 60cm wide panels at $16.95 each

    This range desigend by Marcia Derse evolved from hand dyed and stamped  designs . This richly hughed collection  gives you all the vaiation you require to make interesting and beautiful quilts.  The digitally printed panels feature hand drawn and hand sketched moitfs overlayed with collage.

  3. MIRABILIA CROSS STITCH CHARTS by NORA CORBETT -  5 additional charts added to our page MD030 A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS FAIRY , - MD69 Cindarella - MD111-The peony Garden - MD143 The Snow Queen - MD159 March Aquamarine FAiry.  There are now 45 charts dispalyed on this page for your enjoyment.

  4. NORA CORBETT CROSS STITCH DESIGN CHARTS - by Nora Corbett - 8 Charts from the CHRISTMAS EVE COURIERS SERIES each featuring SANTA's reindeers Rudolph and others . and DAISY from the PIXIE COUTURE COLLECTION . This page now has 29 asorted designs by NORA CORBETTE

  5. LITTLE POPPINS BAGS - A Bag pattern by Aunties two Patterns  $36.20. Like its big sister POPINS BAG his pattern comes complete with BENDABLE stays to stabilise the the finished bag.

  6. MONICA POOLE - PATTERN POOLE - 3 additional APPLIQUE DESIGN PATTERNS from Monica Poole in her series of ANIMAL APPLIQUE PATTEERS.   The latest designs are Freddy The Frog - Penny the Possum - Cosmos the Cockatoo

    These applique are suitable for quilts, pillow tops and simply framing . There are now 25 designs availabel on our page.

  7. SLEIGH RIDE AT DUSK STOCKING - a Counted Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking Kit from the Deimesions GOLD COLELCTION.  

  8. FOLD'N STITCH HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS - a pattern for Christmas tree ornaments. use a variety of fabrics toi get many different looking ornaments . $17.90

  9. ATKINSON DESIGN PATTERNS - 3 additional patterns  HATRICK RUNNERS, ROCKY MOUNTAIN RUNNER AND BACON & BISCUITS  a pattern for kitchen aprons and hot pot pads.

  10. PATTERNS BY ANNIE .COM . 4 additional patterns from this prolific and popular designer . CONTAIN YOURSELF , patterns fro softside little work bins - TAKE A STAND patterns for 3 sizes of stand up totes - RUNNING WITH SCISSORS A pattern for atool case for al youy sewing tools and accessories - CLAM UP a patten for multiple sizes of small zippered pouches.





    Sale commences January 7 for exisying stoick only and is available to mail order customers as well as personal shoppers. - Store wide specials - click on the paraggraph heading for a full list of the special prices and special discounts available.  We look forward to seeing you to take advantage of this special sale to kane way for new items coming ingto stock in 2019


Jeanette January 5 2019













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